[][src]Struct kernel::mpu::Region

pub struct Region {
    start_address: *const u8,
    size: usize,

MPU region.

This is one contiguous address space protected by the MPU.


start_address: *const u8

The memory address where the region starts.

For maximum compatibility, we use a u8 pointer, however, note that many memory protection units have very strict alignment requirements for the memory regions protected by the MPU.

size: usize

The number of bytes of memory in the MPU region.


impl Region[src]

pub fn new(start_address: *const u8, size: usize) -> Region[src]

Create a new MPU region with a given starting point and length in bytes.

pub fn start_address(&self) -> *const u8[src]

Getter: retrieve the address of the start of the MPU region.

pub fn size(&self) -> usize[src]

Getter: retrieve the length of the region in bytes.

Trait Implementations

impl Copy for Region[src]

impl Clone for Region[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for Region

impl !Send for Region

impl !Sync for Region

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