[][src]Struct arty_e21::ArtyE21

struct ArtyE21 {
    console: &'static Console<'static>,
    gpio: &'static GPIO<'static>,
    alarm: &'static AlarmDriver<'static, VirtualMuxAlarm<'static, MachineTimer<'static>>>,
    led: &'static LED<'static>,
    button: &'static Button<'static>,

A structure representing this platform that holds references to all capsules for this platform.


console: &'static Console<'static>gpio: &'static GPIO<'static>alarm: &'static AlarmDriver<'static, VirtualMuxAlarm<'static, MachineTimer<'static>>>led: &'static LED<'static>button: &'static Button<'static>

Trait Implementations

impl Platform for ArtyE21[src]

Mapping of integer syscalls to objects that implement syscalls.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for ArtyE21

impl !Send for ArtyE21

impl !Sync for ArtyE21

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